Elizabeth O. Johnson

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Major, School and Year?

Master of Business Administration Candidate (Evening Program, 2019)

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How has your story lead you to Georgetown Women’s Alliance?

A product of strong mentoring, a Catholic all-girls high school, a Jesuit undergraduate community and an abundance of women I relish as family and friends and whom I seek to emulate, I have seen and believe in the fierce support of women to each other. I applied to the GWA Fellowship to foster relationships of learning from fellow students, leaders and alumnae. In support of one another through GWA Georgetown University leaders are better able to empower one another through challenge and success. I am sincerely exhilarated to be among them.

What will you be focusing on during your Fellowship?

Strategic Planning, Communications and Engagement, Evening Program MBA Liaison, and Peer Mentoring.

Who is your favorite female mentor (on campus or off?) 

Eunice Kennedy Shriver

How has the fellowship impacted your Georgetown experience? 

GWA has provided me an expanded network within the University that is varied from that of my program. I have been able to connect with fellow student and graduate leaders to develop a sense of community and have been a witness to the empowerment of women GWA provides.