Women on the Walls

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What can you do as a Georgetown fellow?

Our senior fellow, C.C. Borzilleri has been with the GWA for two years now and has accomplished a lot. Her effort of Women on the Walls shows how much you can do as a GWA fellow!

I’ve been lucky to have the support of the GWA Steering Committee as I finished working to memorialize women on campus through the Women on the Walls effort. Inspired by a similar project at the GU Med Center, I sought to bring attention to some of the many stories of women Hoyas that have largely gone untold and uncelebrated at Georgetown. The exhibit was hung in December, and in March we held an event on campus to honor three of the women who appear in the display. Getting to celebrate their legacies and publicly honor their contributions to the Georgetown community was incredibly powerful, and I am so glad that the GWA made it possible for us to ensure that these stories are told for future generations to know and remember.

C.C. Borzilleri (GWA Senior Fellow)

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